On National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day, back your local organization

by Nick Norris

On Wednesday, October 16th, communities across America will take part in National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day.

Annually on the third Wednesday of October, cities have an opportunity to show appreciation for an organization that works to create a stronger community and economy by promoting local business.

A Chamber of Commerce can do a variety of things to help local businesses thrive. For example, these organizations often host special events for owners, lobby local representatives to participate in charitable works to benefit the community, and help spread awareness for new and small businesses.

Business owners should view their local Chamber of Commerce as a business partner, available to make work and life easier.

In Mountain Brook, AL., the Chamber of Commerce is a thriving force, determined to help grow its economy and benefit its community. It achieves these things thanks to reliable members, who understand the organization’s importance.

“We primarily represent small businesses,” Suzan Doidge, executive director at the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, explains. “About 90-percent of our membership is small, brick-and-mortar establishments. We are strong advocates for our businesses, trying to constantly host events that create and strengthen revenue. We are really heavy on the events in Mountain Brook.”

The Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce recently held a luncheon at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for both members and non-members. The goal of the luncheon was for local business owners to network and learn from speaker Matt Lyles, a brand consultant and coach, who has helped brands like FedEx, Southwest Airlines and AmSouth Bank tell their stories. This is just one of the numerous events the Chamber will host this month.

Of course, the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce does much more than just host events. It helps strengthen the business communities through publications, promotions and website marketing, just to name a few.

These organizations are fundamental in creating and strengthening a strong business foundation in both small and large communities. The work done by local Chambers of Commerce often go largely unnoticed and receive little thanks, despite the significant importance of its day-to-day efforts.

On National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day, feel free to reach out to your local organization and show appreciation to those there. Ask questions, learn about its role in your city and find new ways to help your community grow.