How to Honor Our Service Members on Veterans Day

by Nick Norris

The 11th
hour of the 11th day of the 11th month will always hold
deep significance

November 11th is the annual day the United States
of America honors the courageous men and women who have served so that we can
be free. Though most are aware of its existence, few fully comprehend its

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice […]

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Remembering Courageous K9s this Veterans Day

by Nick Norris

Soldiers come in all shapes and sizes, some even have fur coats and wagging tails

As Americans everywhere spend Veterans Day honoring the
strong men and women who once served, it is fitting to also remember the
selfless canines who were often right alongside them.

Today’s military dogs are recognized as valuable members of
their respective units, […]

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Brandon Jones returns following first Xfinity Series win in stylish scheme

by Nick Norris

IK9, Musket Powder,
MOJO Outdoors team up to put Jones in sleek new ride

Following his first Xfinity Series win at Kansas Speedway in
October, Brandon Jones looks to prolong his success in the No. 19 Joe Gibbs
Racing IK9 Toyota Supra at Texas Motor Speedway this Saturday, and he will be
riding in style.

Jones will once again […]

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How Your Local Chamber of Commerce Benefits Your Community

On National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day, back your local organization

by Nick Norris

On Wednesday, October 16th, communities across America will take part in National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day.

Annually on the third Wednesday of October, cities have an
opportunity to show appreciation for an organization that works to create a
stronger community […]

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How Service Dogs Can Help Improve Mental Health

by Nick Norris

About 500,000 service
dogs are currently helping Americans

On October 10, 2019, people across the globe will observe World Mental Health Day to raise awareness about psychological issues and how to treat them. One of the most common methods to deal with some types of mental ailments is by adopting a service dog, which […]

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The Awesome Benefits and Advantages of Public Lands

by Nick Norris

Both federal and state public lands in America are renowned for their expansive, diverse, and gorgeous landscapes. American public lands offer unrivaled hunting, fishing, and exploration opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. Utilizing public lands allow hunters who do not own their own land to hunt legally for a few small fees, which […]

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The Importance of National Situational Awareness Day

by Nick Norris

Annually on September 26th, National Situational Awareness Day is observed to remind the world of its importance. Staying aware of one’s surroundings and environment can vastly improve chances of day-to-day safety for both yourself and others.

Harm can come in many forms, such as oncoming assailants,
thieves, or active shooters. Having strong situational awareness skills […]

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5 Things a Responsible Dog Owner Always Does

by Nick Norris

As the American Kennel Club and puppy parents everywhere prepare to celebrate the annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day, it’s important to remember what makes an owner a responsible one. Of course, having a canine companion is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Properly caring for a dog requires […]

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The Sad Truth Behind Puppy Mills

by Nick Norris

There are around 10,000 puppy mills in the United States, the Puppy Mill Project estimates. This number includes both licensed and unlicensed facilities.

Over 2 million puppies are born and housed in these often
poorly-kept mills each year. Additionally, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized
yearly in these facilities, many being adult females who have outlived […]

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POW/MIAs, You Are Not Forgotten

by Nick Norris

On the third Friday of September, the nation remembers the many American captives and missing. POW/MIA Recognition Day exists so the free and found commemorate the soldiers who were or are not.          

According to a Congressional Research
Service Report, 138,103 Americans have been held as prisoners of war since
World War II. The Second […]

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