Our Capabilities

  • Highly-skilled, industry-intelligent trainers of service and emotional support canines
  • Legal possession of rhino horn and elephant ivory to produce poaching detection dogs
  • Wide range of facilities to best fit the unique needs and specifications of our customers
  • Experienced contract and Program Management personnel.

Program Management

iK9 transforms customer’s complex government contracting dilemmas into practical, turnkey solutions. iK9 helps each customer meet milestones and exceed project demands. From inception to deployment, we approach our partner relationships with transparency, consistency, loyalty, and confidentiality.
iK9 builds and cultivates professional relationships with the following:

Department of Defense

Homeland Security

Law Enforcement

Private Security

The iK9 team, staffed with industry-intelligent, experienced, and well-trained personnel, has decades of contract, canine, and handler training experience. iK9’s leadership is directly involved with each contract and is able to oversee multiple contracts while providing requisite management oversight.

We understand that working professional relationships and timely delivery are, by far, the most important accountability factors in contract business growth. We pledge to provide personalized attention to all of our contracts and clients.

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  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (Location is Confidential)
  • Office Location in Anniston, AL
If you are interested in reserving our training facilities, please call or contact us here.